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RCTs & FUNDING: Due to our current funding situation and the large costs involved in setting up such a large international study we have determined that only ~40-50 sites can participate in the RCTs with per patient reimbursements.


REGISTRY DEDICATED COUNTRIES: We aim to include as many sites as possible as "Registry dedicated" centres. There are also some centres that may request to be included as FAST Registry sites as their current standard care does not allow for them to participate in randomization. Some may not have access to study drugs or in some countries we may request you only participate in the Registry since there are few sites and high costs associated with clinical trials in your country.


The following countries have been assessed and we will request that you participate as "Registry dedicated" countries:


  • Brazil

  • Slovakia


TIMELINE FOR REGISTRY COUNTRIES: Updates for registry dedicated countries are coming soon. The delay in moving this forward is due to legal being occupied with National Coordinating Centre agreements. Our institutional resources are not able to set up all the agreements with RCT centres as well as the Registry all at once and we will have to phase in Registry dedicated countries as we are currently doing with the RCTs. We anticipate moving forward with Registry agreements as soon as the time sensitive National Coordinating Centre agreements are finalized.


Registry Dedicated Countries

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