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The SickKids Fetal Cardiac Program staff will support all FAST Therapy Trial sites with review of fetal diagnosis (fetal echocardiogram review). For the Randomized Clinical Trials (RCTs) and the Registry this review will occur as soon as possible but not prior to randomization. An urgent review can be requested for the RCT and the core lab can be contacted if there are any issues with diagnosis determination prior to enrolment. This important study oversight function would not be possible without the combined efforts of these dedicated physicians and support from the program nurse.

Edgar Jaeggi, MD

Head, Fetal Cardiac Program

Vitor Guerra, MD, PhD

Staff Cardiologist

Lynne Nield, MD

Fetal Cardiologist


Mike Seed, MD

Staff Cardiologist, Staff Cardiac Radiologist Cardiology


Varsha Thakur, MD

Staff Cardiologist


Nathalie Dutil, RN, BScN

Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Fetal Cardiac Program


Sonila Mustafa, RN, BScN, MBA(CE)

Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Fetal Cardiac Program

Core Lab

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